Welcome to Kuriwa Observatory

MPC Code E28

An observatory owned and operated by DaveGee and is the Occultation Centre of the Blue Mountains, Australia.


  • ADVS - Astronomical Digital Video System
  • GPS-ABC - A precision GPS Timepiece
  • Stamp and Run Bridge - for IOTA-VTI
  • TACOS-BD System
  • SEXTA - Southern EXposure Timing Array
  • A Video Recording Rig for observing occultation events

  • IOTA-VTI - How it was Developed - By Tony Barry. shown here with permission.
  • IOTA-VTI - Experiments to Verify it's Accuracy
  • A Comparison of the integrity checking regime of both IOTA-VTI and KIWI-OSD
  • KIWI-OSD - How the Start-Up Sequence works and how to Interpret the Re-Set Messages
  • All-Of-System Time Testing - Lunar Occultation Report Tutorial- hint - R-click and save as...

    Analysis of NTP Apps (Network Time Protocol applications)
  • How accurate is NTP? Includes a review of Beeper Sync for PCs.
  • Time The Sat app running on a Samsung S3, see my TimeTheSat Review
  • Observation of the www.time.is delay during the 2015 leap second. Here is my report.
  • Testing the accuracy of the Audio component of the www.time.is NTP web service. Here is my report.

    Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)
  • A 7inch f7 Dobsonian Reflector

    Occult Watcher Asteroid Occultation feeds
  • Trans Tasman brighter than mag.14 (TT~14)
  • AU&NZ extras brighter than mag.10.5 & smaller than 20km (OZNZ)
  • TNO and Centaur Predictions - ERC Project Lucky Star
  • TNO and Centaur Predictions - from The RIO-Group
  • RIO Satellite Predictions - from The RIO-Group

    Other Pages of Interest
  • IOTA-VTI a precision Video Time Inserter
  • What is the origin of the name Kuriwa?

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